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General's 2013 Highlights


My highlight of the year was playing Rock City. It's was the second date of the tour with Clutch and I was feeling confident having playing the waterfront the night before. 

I've never played at Rock City before with Thoria or GENERAL and after seeing so any bands there growing up like Deftones, Orange Goblin, Tool, The Melvins and Fu Manchu I've always wanted to play on that stage. 


The venue opened earlier than others on the tour so the crowd was huge including our own fans from Coventry. As it wasn't my turn to drive I got a good few beers down me and felt fucking great walking onto that stage. I was the right amount drunk and the right amount of butterflies and adrenalin to make it one of our best performances to date. 


The sound on stage was the best of the tour, I could really feel the heavy bass drum booming out as I was playing and I could feel the power of the set in my chest, the crowd response was amazing. 
We made a desk recording of that show and when I listen back to it, it really reminds me of the excitement of playing that gig. 


Can't wait to play another show there! 


What can I say but the best part of 2013 for me was doing the tour with Clutch in the summer.  
That's something I have dream't about since I was 14 to go on tour and support a big named band.  
Its one of the coolest things I have ever experienced,I mean hanging out with big named stars was a dream come ture never thought it would ever happen to an ordinary working class guy like myself.

I have to thank Stefan for taking a chance with General even though he was looking for somthing completely different he stumbled across our Bullet train video. 

How Lucky we were for that to have happen to us what are the chances?



The whole  tour  was an adventure for all of us I reckon not one of us could say a bad thing about it.  It was a learning experiance but a cool one at that. 

For me the highlights were firstly being told by Gaz that we have the Clutch tour my responce was what NO FUCKING WAY.


The Water Front in Norwich was are first show on the tour as we approched I could see a huge tour bus parked up out the back of the venue. 

I remeber walking in and thinking fucking hell it's a big place. The Sons of Icarus were sound checking as we were loading in are gear.

I did not hang around to hear them sound check instead I went out the backdoor to have a shady smoke. 


As I was outside Neil Fallon the singer out of Clutch was chilling just yards away. So I nervously made my introductions saying "Hi I'm Ru, bass player out of General did'nt want to be a stranger 
so thought i would just say hi and thanks for having us on the tour" spliff still in mouth - classy.


We all played are hearts out that night and we were received well by the crowd

Rock city in Nottingham was a highlight in itself I have seen so many bands there in the past and to be playing that venue with General was unreal.  

I remember having lots to drink and smoke before the show and meeting J P the drumer out of Clutch he was a real cool guy easy to talk to. The sound in rock city was massive and the whole place 
was packed. 


This show definately sticks out in my mind as one of are best performances.I remember looking down when we were on stage and seeing a sea of faces just glued to us and Graham saying "Hello were 
General get yourselfs a drink this is a party" or somthing like that. We all had a blast the whole night was one to remember.


The Ritz in Manchester was another cool venue it was like an old therater. The stage was well high of the ground I thought fucking hell you could do some cool stage diving off it but I did'nt. 
Instead old habits die hard and I got totally battered on beer and bud. Going on that night was a very strange experiance I was trying to keep myself together. Turns out I played faultlessly 
and even got mentioned in a reveiw saying the bass player played with an understated confidence. Little do they know all I was trying to do was hide how stoned i was

The Forum London was the last show of the tour we all were in a word buzzing after the previous 3 shows. 

But this show was different we were meeting Stefan the guy who had made this all possible. 

We all went and had a beer with him at pub close by and talked about General's next step.
He suggested that we get some sort of management etc. Anyway the show went down well and I would like to think that we impressed Stefan that night.
The after show party with all the bands; Sons of 
Icarus,General, and Clutch was awsome I just remeber myself and Gaz talking saying we need to get a photo of general and some of the Clutch members together. 


Neil fallon was talking to a hottie and me and Gaz were trying to get his attention but we did not want to interrupt him in mid conversation. 

Then Tom rocks over with beer in hand and says I'll get him to have a picture with us. After a few minutes of watching Tom trying to butt in to Neil Fallon's conversation myself and Gaz both waving 
the abort sign at him and making Tom laugh gets Neils attention and we finally get are picture with him.


After the tour with Clutch, General has gone from strength to strength we got ourselves a Manager Kelvin who with out a doubt has pushed us forward in a more proactive way. 

We have had are music played on the BBC, Middlands Rock Radio, Kerrang and over seas and even got song of the week with Monkey city in Chile and also verious pod cast. 


Lets see what 2014 brings


What a year for General. Not only have we been in included on playlists on radio stations all over the world, we have played with Clutch, on the Earth Rocker tour and played more London shows than any previous year,  but my favourite memories have to be being on the road, knowing we'd be unleashing General upon a crowd of unsuspecting listeners each night. I have really enjoyed hearing people's reaction to our sound and style and am happy knowing that someone somewhere is listening to a General track right now. Is if you? 


Although a complete ballache at the time - the journey back from the Norwich Waterfront (first night of the Clutch tour) was quite memorable.

The A14 was (again) closed for several junctions and we were diverted off at around 1am. I was driving the tour bus on that occasion and Tom was in the cab trying to navigate us an alternate route. The SatNav on board tried to direct us back to the A14, which we knew was shut for miles, but Tom was on it with a route through deepest countryside and at one point, a single track dirt road.

Several times, band and crew members who previously had been obliviously drinking, sleeping and chatting in the back chirped up with predictable questions like: "Where's the motorway gone?" and "Are we lost?" 

The funniest being a dishevelled Ru on waking up, poking his head into the cab, staring earnestly ahead at the single lane mud track in the headlights and simply asking "Where are we?"

Baring in mind, 30 minutes previous to this, Ru had been pretty much unconscious and Gaz only just managed to talk Harris (fuelled by alcohol and 'first night of tour' high spirits) out of drawing on Ru's face with permanent marker.

Had Ru been wearing Harris's facial design on asking where we were I may have driven us into a ditch in hysterics.



2013 - Well it's been an amazing year for GENERAL. To do our first UK tour, playing some of the countries best venues and supporting one of our favorite bands, Clutch, has been unreal. A massive thanks to those guys for their support.


The crowds that came and saw us have been fantastic, both on the tour and our own headline shows across the UK and we have received loads of fantastic feedback via social media. I personally can't wait to get back in the studio and give all of our new and old fans a brand new album.

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